LightBox’s Data-Fit Strategy Transforms Cost Center into Revenue Stream with Pentaho

LightBox's Journey to Streamlined Data Management with Pentaho: A Customer Success Story

About LightBox

LightBox, a forward-thinking real estate data company, stands at the forefront of innovation in property information and analysis. Their mission is to empower clients with comprehensive, up-to-date data that drives informed decision-making.

The Challenge

Jesse Canada recognized early on the need for a robust data management & data governance solution with built in analytics. They needed a tool that could handle complex data integration tasks with ease, without requiring extensive technical know-how from their business users.

The Solution: Pentaho+ Data Platform

After a rigorous selection process, LightBox chose the Pentaho+ data platform for its flexibility and user-friendly interface. Pentaho+ stood out among competitors for its ability to be tailored to the unique needs of LightBox, avoiding unnecessary complexity and cost.

The Transformation

Under Jesse’s guidance, LightBox implemented the Pentaho+ platform, which led to several transformative outcomes:

  • Enhanced Data Governance: Pentaho Data Catalog & Pentaho Data Integration & analytics enabled LightBox to identify clear data standards and quality rules, ensuring the trustworthiness of their data assets.
  • Operational Efficiency: Empowering business savvy users to analyze data independently, liberating engineering resources for more complex tasks.
  • Customer-Centric Product Evolution: LightBox’s feedback was instrumental in enhancing Pentaho+ development.
  • Observability: Able to Leverage automation for Data Quality Assurance and Monitoring.
  • Time to insights/value: Pentaho+, time to value gained within one year with high ROI & TCO.
  • Ease of Use: Was quickly leveraged by Business and IT users alike.


The Results

The deployment of the Pentaho+ platform at LightBox resulted in significant operational improvements. Current projection is that within eight months, the solution will be on track to pay for itself projecting even more substantial cost savings and efficiency gains by end of year.

The Customer’s Voice

“Pentaho has changed the way we handle data,” says Jesse Canada. “Its ease of use and the responsive support team have made it possible for us to improve our data management processes in ways we didn’t think were possible. We’ve unlocked new use cases, like vendor management and metadata management, and we’re constantly finding more.”


The partnership between LightBox and Pentaho is a testament to the transformative power of the right data management solution. Through Pentaho, LightBox is on its way to streamline data management operations and set a new standard for data governance in the real estate industry.

About the Customer

Jesse Canada is an innovator and thought leader in real estate data management at LightBox. With a keen eye for efficiency and a deep understanding of data’s role in business, Jesse has spearheaded the adoption of the Pentaho+ platform to ensure LightBox remains at the cutting edge of the industry.