Data Catalog Solution Profile

In today’s data-driven world, staying ahead means being “data fit,” and Pentaho Data Catalog (PDC) is your essential partner in achieving that. With the exponential growth of both structured and unstructured data, businesses face the challenge of maintaining their data in a ready-to-use state while ensuring it is of high quality and easily accessible for decision-making and AI applications. The Pentaho Data Catalog meets this challenge head-on, offering a sophisticated platform that simplifies the discovery and understanding of data across diverse environments, from on-premise to cloud.

PDC stands out by employing automation and machine learning to rapidly ingest, profile, and curate data. It utilizes data and metadata fingerprinting, integrating with your business glossary to contextualize data in terms your team can understand and trust. With its policy manager, PDC ensures governance and security policies are in place, while a robust rules engine monitors data quality, sensitivity, and usage patterns.

Moreover, PDC activates your metadata, offering monitoring and notification capabilities that reveal insights into popular assets and search trends. This enables data stewardship organizations to prioritize their efforts effectively. By constructing a relationship graph, PDC adds a layer of semantic understanding, enhancing collaboration and capturing the essential tribal knowledge within your organization.

With features like data lineage support for Open Lineage, PDC builds trust across your organization by enabling a proactive approach to data quality and remediation. Its observability stack not only highlights the most sought-after data assets and trends but also empowers teams to collaborate effectively, ensuring that your data ecosystem remains robust, reliable, and ready for the future of business. Discover, trust, and leverage your data like never before with Pentaho Data Catalog.