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On Your Data

With battle-tested solutions and a focus on foundational strength, Pentaho+ helps you meet the challenges of an AI-driven world.

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Pentaho+ Platform

Integrated products and capabilities to power your mission critical success.

Pentaho Data Optimizer
Achieve peak performance by optimizing your data investment. Use policy-based governance to automatically identify, tag, and move data to the correct location according to cost, risk, and sustainability criteria.
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Pentaho Data Catalog
Trust your data with AI/ML-enabled data discovery, profiling, and classification. Automatically monitor data quality, track lineage, and define your data in the language of your business for a strong foundation.
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Pentaho Data Integration
Flexibly adapt to new data sources and formats with an open, embeddable architecture. Quickly integrate and automate data pipelines using a drag-and-drop interface, metadata injection, and broad connectivity.
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Pentaho Business Analytics
Expedite time to insight and innovation with timely, actionable intelligence from high-quality, well-prepared data. Enable a data-driven culture of experimentation and collaboration.
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Improved Data Trust

Dependable, accurate data from a single source of truth


Impactful Business Results

AI-ready, labeled, normalized data for meaningful insights


Increase in Productivity

Faster ROI, performance, and analytic enablement

Get the Data-Fit

Data Fitness is the measure of an organization’s foundational capabilities to effectively manage, utilize, and derive value from its data.

At Pentaho we measure data-fitness through five key pillars: strength to handle data volumes and varieties, precision in data quality and governance, agility to adapt to change, efficiency in optimizing data investments, and speed in unlocking performance. Companies that are “data-fit” can make faster, better-informed decisions, innovate rapidly, and drive superior business outcomes.

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Analyst Reports

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